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Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Department of Education, Headquarters and Regional Offices, Discretionary Grant and Mandatory Grant Competitions
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Applications Due:

Jan 24, 2005
On November 9, 2004, we published in the Federal Register (69 FR 65028) a notice inviting applications for the AP Test Fee FY 2005 competition. The original notice for this FY 2005 competition established a December 13, 2004 deadline date for eligible applicants to apply for funding under this program. In order to afford as many eligible applicants as possible an opportunity to receive funding under this program, we are reopening the AP Test Fee FY 2005 competition. The new application deadline date for the competition is January 24, 2005.

total funding: $51,534,000
max award: $500,000
min award: none
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: 50
type of funding: Grant

Note: Each funding opportunity description is a synopsis of information in the Federal Register application notice. For specific information about eligibility, please see the official application notice. The official version of this document is the document published in the Federal Register. Free Internet access to the official edition of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations is available on GPO Access at: http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/index.html.
Purpose of Program: The AP Test Fee program provides grants to States to enable them to pay advanced placement test fees on behalf of eligible low-income students who (1) are enrolled in an advanced placement course; and (2) plan to take an advanced placement exam. The program is designed to increase the number of low-income students who take advanced placement tests and receive scores for which college academic credit is awarded. Participation in this program helps low-income students achieve to higher standards in English, mathematics,
science, and other core subjects. The program also seeks to increase the number of low-income students who achieve baccalaureate and advanced degrees.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 84.330B.
The Adobe pdf version of the original official application notice is available at the following url: http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/06jun20041800/edocket.access.gpo.gov/2004/pdf/04-24895.pdf.

Who can apply:

Nonprofits That Do Not Have A 501(C)(3) Status With The IRS, Other Than Institutions Of Higher Education
State (Includes District Of Columbia; Includes Institutions Of Higher Education And Hospitals)

Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

Advanced Placement Program

More Information:

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Program, Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 2005

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Lark, Tonja
If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Cotton, Julius

Address Info:

Madeline E. Baggett, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., room 4W210, Washington, DC 20202-5943. Telephone: (202) 260-2502 or by e-mail: madeline.baggett@ed.gov.

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